2020 - A clean, minimal, & responsive WordPress site for a Canadian company that specializes in meetings & communications

Meetings & Communications

With today's unprecedented business shifts, rewarding, recognizing, and retaining the best talent has never been more important to corporate culture. That's why Lorandus offers the best solutions out there. That being said, it was important to highlight Lorandus's strengths in a website that was clean, sophisticated, and beautiful. Their website needed a new look and feel, which is why MCPI Productions designed an amazing high fidelity wireframe that was colourful and eye-catching.

From Wireframe to Website

This project features an existing Photoshop wireframe provided by MCPI Productions

The static wireframe was beautiful and in order to maintain its level of sophistication, it was important to add simple, yet attention-grabbing interactions and animations. One of the main requirements was to build the website using Wordpress because Lorandus's development team prefers working with PHP developers.

Responsive Wordpress Development

Using a modified version of my workflow, I was able to create this Wordpress template using top-notch frameworks that allowed for both MCPI and Lorandus's team to comfortably access, modify, and add content to the new website. All of the pages in this site have advanced interactions that highlight Lorandus's logo swoosh in one way or another. Lorandus wanted visitors to feel inspired, so images on this site are very powerful.

The animations are subtle in order to balance out the power and magnetism of the colour red seen across the entire site.

New pages and features are coming in 2021. Stay tuned for more!

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