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product designer

User Experience (UX) Designer

software Engineer

Front-end Developer

Visual QA SDET

AI Entrepreneur

With over a decade of experience in the design and marketing industries, I am a Senior Product Designer deeply committed to developing user-centric designs that foster community engagement and drive positive impact. My journey spans 13 years, during which I've worked on diverse projects and collaborated with teams, enriching my knowledge and skill set.

Currently serving as a Senior Product Designer at mobileLIVE Inc., I've had the privilege of contributing in the design & user experience of a major project for TELUS Corporation. This role allowed me to shape an internal application used by more than 12,000 Telus agents across Canada, blending my passion for problem-solving with my expertise in UX design. My contributions involve conducting focus groups, designing intricate Figma components, flows, wireframes, and prototypes—always prioritizing accessibility and usability. As the digital landscape evolves, I remain up-to-date with the latest technologies and methodologies, ensuring that my designs are innovative, efficient, and user-friendly.


I am a visionary designer, constantly exploring the intersection of aesthetics and functionality. Leveraging the latest UX trends I craft designs that are not just visually stunning but also create memorable brand experiences. My toolkit includes industry-leading software like Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Figma, enabling me to deliver innovative and user-centric designs.


In an era where digital solutions are paramount, development is where my designs come to life. Utilizing cutting-edge languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Liquid, I transform intricate designs into interactive user experiences that work seamlessly across all devices. My expertise in platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and Webflow ensures that the final product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, reliable, and aligned with the latest development trends.


As a seasoned project leader, I thrive on guiding projects from concept to completion. Collaborating with diverse teams and clients around the world, I bring ideas to reality through an agile design approach and sprint-based methodology. My management style fosters creativity, innovation, and efficiency, reflecting the contemporary digital landscape's demands.

My Toolbox


Figma has become an essential part of my design process, revolutionizing collaboration and feedback. Its compatibility with the latest design trends, and even olderSketch files, makes it an indispensable tool in my agile workflow.

Sketch App Icon, Prototyping


Sketch has redefined the UI design market, and its compatibility with various prototyping programs has empowered me to master tools like Adobe XD, Figma, Marvel, and older projects such as InVision & InVision Studio.

XD App Icon, UX UI Tool

Adobe XD

Adobe XD's rapid evolution since its Beta Version in 2016 has made it a must-have for designers. Its clean interface and powerful prototyping capabilities, including motion design, have set a new industry standard.


Webflow's innovative Designer interface has reshaped web building, capturing significant market share and rekindling my passion for web design.


Shopify's user-friendly approach to e-commerce and its programming language, Liquid, enable me to create globally resonant online stores, reflecting the latest trends in e-commerce design.


WordPress's adaptability and extensive plugin marketplace, including favourites like Elementor and Udesly, continue to make it a versatile and relevant tool for building diverse websites.

Google Analytics

In a data-driven world, tools like Google Analytics and Google Ads are vital for understanding user behavior and optimizing advertising strategies, aligning with the latest marketing trends.

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