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mobileLIVE Inc.

Thanks to MobileLIVE's incredible track record with many brands and industries, I've been lucky to work for 4 industries with unique design needs and approaches: Telecommunications, Banking, Logistics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Telus Communications:

• Casa

Led design for a TELUS application used by 12,000 agents and spearheaded Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives to enhance user experience. Expert in Figma, with a focus on accessibility, usability, and innovation.

• Next Generation 911

Using Telus's unique Design System I help the engineers and developers at MobileLIVE build an interface to test 911 calls remotely. The requirements included three different target audiences, each with different responsibilitites. The end result was a UI that was intuitive, simple to use, and on brand.


• mMortgage

As part of the Real Estate Secured Lending (RESL) Modernization Pod, I designed new features for the bank's proprietary software used by all Mortgage Advisors on a daily basis. The challenge was to keep it consistent (look/feel) while making it better and more accessible.

Simplii Financial:

• CAMLR Flow

As a digital bank it is important to design and develop software that is easy and intuitive. Thanks to MobileLIVE's partnership with Simplii, I was able to help design a new flow imposed by the Canadian government to all banks: The Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Regulation.


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