Lucia Lighthouse
Lucia Lighthouse

Lucia Lighthouse

2018 - A minimalist informative website for a mobile-business in Ontario that provides light-based meditations using Lucia N°03.

A Revolutionary Meditation Tool for Everyone

Lucia Lighthouse started in trade shows a few years ago and quickly became a successful mobile business in Ontario, Canada. Jamison, the owner, has helped thousands of people experience the tool of Austrian origin called Lucia N°03. He recommends that clients have at least 5 Lucia sessions to help reprogram their nervous system. 

Meditation & Spirituality on Demand

Lucia Lighthouse represents a new generation of businesses booming in Canada and the United States right now. There is an appeal among Millennials for natural, chemical-free therapies that improve mental health and help with spiritual growth.

In 2018, Lucia Lighthouse only had a Wordpress landing page with Jamison’s name and phone number. It was quite the challenge to explain Lucia sessions to people and even harder to get people to try it. An online presence and a modern branding system were imminent requirements for Lucia Lighthouse.

A Responsive Modern Minimalist Website

Using a new branding approach, the logo features a mandala pattern that allows for the background to be seen through, much like light. Lucia Lighthouse is all about light—flickering light in cold and warm hues—so a contrast of green and orange tones made perfect sense. Pictures of Lucia N°03 are showing in order to educate, and the benefits are highlighted from the beginning.

Schedule Sessions across Ontario & Northern US

The convenience of having Lucia Lighthouse come to your corporate events, school, workplace, or even to your home, makes it the sort of business that can help reduce stress, improve our mood, and even improve our own productivity.

The new site is a 100% improvement to the previous one. The convenience of using features such as the online editor makes this project an example of modern sites that can be managed by anyone, even by small business owners who lack the time and creative skill to make their own sites.


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